Title Industry Solutions

Integrated Services for Title Companies

ValueCheck takes an integrated approach to developing software solutions for title companies, helping them to:

  • Improve their workflow by leveraging technology
  • Streamline their production processes
  • Reduce their turnaround times

Discover how your business can benefit from our integrated services.

Discover Why Title Companies Turn to ValueCheck

A Single Source of Documents

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An Easy-to-Use Software App

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Flexible and Configurable

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With automation, your organization gains all of the following benefits...

  • Establish a transparent and communicative process
  • Centralize and streamline production office operations
  • Eliminate paper and easily track documents
  • Clearly define review and approval roles
  • Once recorded, upload documents to long-term storage

(And, ValueCheck provides escrow control when needed.)

The Title Automation Process Step-by-Step


ValueCheck offers a wide range of automated search, title examination, production automation and post-closing search solutions. We provide integration with many title plant providers as well as public data sources to facilitate title searches.

In addition to accessing data sources to fulfill search requirements, ValueCheck has developed a flexible and customizable examination rules engine to dramatically improve title examination productivity. We also interface with most of the common title and escrow systems to streamline title commitment production. The goal is to maximize productivity.

Software Screen

Programmatic Searching

Our process is to emulate the same steps a manual researcher would perform in gathering the required information to produce various title products.

Assembling property / name searches from plant providers, tax statements from counties or other third party companies, plat maps from public or private data sources, relevant recorded documents, and occasionally court work are common requests. Point-and-click configuration changes make it easy for us to customize searches down to the policy and county level.

Software Screen

Automated Examination

Software will never replace the knowledge of an experienced examiner. Our goal is not try to replace examiners with computers.

Rather, our examination engine indentifies and extracts key records, cleans and fills-in data not posted to the title plant, poses questions in the form of alerts, and packages all of the raw search material along with the synthesized results in a time-tested point-and-click examination web application.

Software Screen

Programmatic Typing

One of the more time consuming steps in producing Title Commitments, Preliminary Title Reports, Guarantees, etc. is translating key pieces of information discovered during the Examination step and putting it in writing. Depending on the operation sometimes this is done by an examiner — a time consuming effort.

Gathering search elements electronically throughout the search and examination processes drives programmatic typing. Everything is cause and effect. A Deed of Trust found in the search determines a Requirement or Exception in the title report, Taxes may need to be paid, the Vesting Deed feeds Vesting on Schedule A, etc. The key is capturing the data in first place, making sure it fielded appropriately, and finally mapping it to “Codes” that end up in the title report with all the fill-in fields completed. Typing fundamentally goes away.

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Paperless storage systems are becoming more commonplace. Consumers and businesses are more accepting of electronic delivery of documents. Historically, real estate transactions have required large paper files. Fortunately those days are quickly fading away. Title reports and distribution of recorded documents can now be easily distributed electronically saving printing and courier costs as well as saving time distributing documents to customers.

We have a wide variety of packaging solutions, from direct PDF document creation, enabling hyperlinked commitments, and creating email summaries for smart phone and tablet users. The list is long.

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One often overlooked area is creating a consistent, complete, and accurate paper-trail when claims do arise. By automating search, examination, and typing tasks, electronic files can be created exactly the same way every time. Even better, these electronic files can be created with little or no user interaction. With computer storage continually decreasing in price, creating fully documented, consistent files has never been easier.

ValueCheck’s automation system has actually proven to reduce errors and claims. Also, we get rave reviews for consistency and accuracy when auditors review our customer’s files.

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All Facets of the Title Industry

At ValueCheck, we focus on improving all facets of the title industry with technology.

  • Property Profiles

    Our property database now covers the entire country, providing customers with clean, reliable, standardized data across the markets they serve. Having timely and accurate property characteristics and comparable sales are essential to accurately predicting real estate values.

  • On-line Title Ordering

    The key to reducing turn-times to customers is getting the title order in the system as quickly as possible. ValueCheck has a long track record of making on-line ordering easy and in turn facilitating faster response to the customer.

  • O&E / TRIOS

    Many real estate transactions start with an initial inquiry to get more information. Often this could be a phone inquiry or an email. But it can just as easily be done from a smart phone, tablet, or computer 24 hours a day. Most requests can be fully automated.

  • Process Improvement

    Title Companies have made dramatic process changes over the past several years to bring production costs down. Sending work off-shore to produce it at a cheaper cost is one option. Alternatively, ValueCheck has been very successful in streamlining production operations where the same work can be produced on-shore at a lower cost by leveraging technology.

  • Production Integration

    Streamlining production is a core element to any title company. ValueCheck has assisted title companies large and small re-engineer and integrate systems to dramatically increase staff efficiency and reduce turn-times to customers.

  • Point & Click Examination

    After the search components are assembled, ValueCheck has created very flexible and customized tools for examining data results. For insured products, the results are run through automated examination rules with key data elements extracted from the posted data as well as data from the recorded document. More...

    The examiner can adjust the final results before preparing the commitment or prelim. The productivity gain comes from gathering all the critical data and presenting it in an concise format for the examiner. Many customer service products can be fully automated based on strict criteria.

  • Commitment Prep

    Now that the table is set with the point and click examination along with programmatic updating of the paperless file, generating the commitment is easy. Document types from the posted plant are mapped to the customers code manual to replicate exactly what would be done by and examiner or typist. Aside from adding premiums, almost all typing can be eliminated.

  • Commitment Hyperlinking

    Hyperlinks can be automatically added based on documents found in the paperless file.